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An Independent Research Firm

Janet Brown Opinion Research is an independent organization. We recommend the most effective research solutions for our clients, be it a telephone survey, an online survey, focus groups, or in-depth interviews.


Public Opinion Polling

Janet is a well-respected pollster, and public affairs research is her specialty. We’re regularly helping a diverse range of organizations stay current on social trends. The media considers Janet to be a trusted source for commentary and analysis on the political mood.

Advertising Effectiveness

Advertising is an expensive endeavour, and we design research that helps to ensure our clients spend their advertising and communications budgets effectively. This includes pre-testing creative, and tracking the reach and effectiveness of campaigns on key audiences.

Reputation Research

Find out where your organization and your brand stand with the public and key stakeholders. A reputation study will not only determine the areas in which your organization is doing well or needs improvement, but also which of those areas are most closely tied to your overall reputation.

Member and Employee Research

Looking inward can be just as important as looking outward. Find out what your employees, members, or stakeholders think about your organization, so you can increase engagement, morale, and loyalty. Whether it is ongoing tracking of engagement or as part of change management, learning where people stand is the first step in bringing them on-side.

Approach and Methods

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When you need a truly representative snapshot of public opinion, the best way is through computer-assisted telephone interviews administered to a random sample of the population. We improve upon this tried-and-true method by including mobile numbers.

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Online research can be an efficient and cost-effective way to reach certain segments of the population or when you’re interested in getting people to respond to visual materials.

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Focus Groups

Surveys aim to find out “what” people think. Focus group aim to learn “why” people think that way. For the client who wants to explore an issue in-depth, focus groups can be a useful tool.

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One-on-One Interviews

Sometimes a topic can be too complicated, too sensitive, or to logistically difficult to study in a survey or focus group. In these cases, the best way together data is through one-on-one interviews.

Whatever your project, large or small, we can help. We make sure to maximize your ROI and spend your budget in the best way possible to inform your business decisions.
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