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Janet delivers insights you can trust

Our Team

John Santos

Data Scientist

Janet Brown

Pollster and Political Commentator

Ava Maylor

Project Manager

Wendy Winder

Qualitative Specialist

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Our Services

Public affairs and market research solutions for public and private sector clients.

Wild Ride

An up-to-the-minute, no-agenda assessment of Alberta’s rapidly evolving provincial scene. Proprietary polling combined with political insight from Janet Brown and Paul McLoughlin, two renowned political experts.

Market Research

Understand the audiences and stakeholders you are trying to influence. We partner with you to deliver results that are accurate, timely, and cost-effective.

Janet Speaks

As someone with a deep understanding of public opinion in Alberta, Janet is often invited to speak about political and social trends. She breaks down the complex in an engaging and down-to-earth way. Be informed and entertained.

Janet Brown Opinion Research is an Alberta-based company specializing in public opinion polling and market research. With over 30 years of experience, Janet is a leading expert in her field. She helps clients understand their target audience, be it customers, members, employees, voters, or the general public.

Core Values


It is important to do it right in order to get it right. Being the most accurate takes discipline and experience.


Being honest and having strong moral principles are foundational to trust. Janet will never blur the lines.

Maximize ROI

It's our responsibility to spend our clients' budgets in the best way possible to inform their business decisions.

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